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Savouring every
An ode to the abundance of the Aegean islands, the poetry of place is reflected on every plate.
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In the Cyclades, locals traditionally make do with whatever the wine-dark sea and sun-baked earth provide. Every season has ingredients to be celebrated: dandelion, slipper lobster, samphire, sea urchin. Raw, flame-grilled, or slow roast over an open fire, the quality of the produce demands minimal intervention.

Nōema’s kitchen is a modern interpretation of this uncomplicated approach to cooking. A New Cycladic Cuisine dictated by seasonality and sustainability. Concentrated flavours that reflect the unique terroir, refined with a contemporary attitude that tastes original and unexpected.
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The menu is defined by the generosity of the soil and and sea. Carefully sourced from dozens of famers and fishermen across the Aegean archipelago, ingredients are char-grilled, salt-baked, sun-dried, or dry-aged, using time-honoured methods that reveal their full potential. Simplicity is a virtue and nothing is wasted: fish scales are dehydrated and used as a seasoning; leftover cuts become the filling for a pie. Relaxed and unpretentious, this is elevated Greek food with none of the formality of fine dining.
A Toast to Nature
Blended botanicals, energising elixirs, and perfectly balanced cocktails cleanse the palate and uplift the spirits.
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Nōema’s mixologists are more like alchemists. They weave their magic with ironwort from Mount Olympus, mastic tears from Mytilene, kitro from Naxos. Foraged herbs and seasonal fruits give a local twist to anti-oxidant aperitifs and Aegean digestifs. Artisanal Greek sprits add a fortifying dash to craft cocktails. Maximum flavour is extracted from every ingredient, with painterly garnishes fashioned from seasoned salts, dried peel, and powdered leaves. Organic and biodynamic wines are served in carafes in the spirit of a panigiri, a communal feast to commemorate a saint’s day.
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