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In the White-Hot Heart of Mykonos
Follow a trail of bougainvillea petals into the sun-bleached maze of Chora, a tangle of curling lanes and colonnades that dazzles at every turn.
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Approaching Nōema is a serendipitous diversion into the back-alleys of Chora, the radiant harbour town of Mykonos. Lime-washed houses lean into one another, their curved contours punctuated by colourful doors and shutters. Locals still inhabit these poetic buildings, still light candles in chapels festooned with prayer flags. Behind a red-domed church at the end of a narrow passageway, Nōema is hidden in the heart of this captivating Cycladic village.


The Avli, or courtyard, is the soul of Nōema. A fluid space that can shape-shift as the mood strikes and the night unfolds. Evenings evolve organically, from energising elixirs and grazing dishes to live bands and intimate DJ sets. The open kitchen, outdoor bar, and indoor salon radiate from the courtyard, creating a seamless transition between loosely defined areas for eating, drinking and dancing. The adjacent patio is the perfect spot in which to linger before exploring the Nōema store, a quiet refuge that's home to a curated collection of slow fashion and hand-crafted objects.
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