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Greek Heritage, Nomadic Soul
An artful anthology of fashion, jewellery, and decorative objects that invites you to linger, look closer, and uncover new obsessions.
model with long hair wearing a black dress by fashion brand caravana in greece mykonos
Inspired by the timeless simplicity of Cycladic style, the Nōema Store wears its heritage as lightly as a second skin. A constellation of free-flowing spaces, the boutique inhabits a typical Mykonian residence — an understated backdrop for a trove of beautifully crafted treasures from Greece and beyond.
model in a beautiful summer white dress photoshoot black and white photo of white doves white birds and white rocks flying up to the sky model wearing a black outfit minimalistic style by caravana fashion brand
Garments hang on hooks and lines, reminiscent of fresh laundry fluttering in the sea breeze. The signature line Prao, designed by Marios Schwab and Jacopo Ianniello, is a subtle paean to the ancients: fluid shapes, flattering drapes, and ethereal fabrics that will drift effortlessly from beach to lunch to dancefloor. Kaftans, swimwear, and statement jewellery, leather sandals and espadrilles, hand-made ceramics, cosmetics, and fragrances immerse you in the carefree ambience of the Greek islands.
caravana designer scorpios mykonos handmade elegant white summer dress with open back and interlacing strings